The Stranger

by The Stranger

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released April 21, 2017

Austin - All
Frayne - 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,10
Nolan - 1,8
O'Brien - 5,8

Additional Personnel:
Nadia Vanek - Guest Vocals (Track 8)
Nicholas Wilson - Keyboards/Synth
Jace Austin - Darbuka
Adam Merker - Production and Engineering
David Castillo - Mixing
Jens Bogren - Mastering
Chris P Stevenson Mangos - Artwork/Merch
Benjamin O'Neal - Logo/Branding



all rights reserved


The Stranger Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Quantum Entanglement
Son of man of war who never knew peace before
(I've seen him struggle day to day)
But the light of our fire will wash away apathy
Regrettably the only son
All of his hopes in one
(He'll never be the same again)
I could never walk such a jagged path as he

Sensing one shred of doubt
A voice in the back of my mind
His guilty words a lesson in pride

I can feel the sense incinerate
Drawn beyond the world of flesh
I'd love to know all that I missed
I wish to feel all I resist
A lonely guardian
A scion of tolerance
Tell me are you not listening?
At the sight of my final hollowing
The loam beneath my feet gives way
I plummet through a dark abyss
I'd kill to know all that I missed
A face familiar reflects to me my frailty
This will not be the end

Hands upon my shoulder
Pull me back toward the light
Eyes with gifts of vision
Show me the meaning of blind

Bleeding and sinking down into your brain
Whispers come from across the room
Listen, listen to what I know
Screaming before I reach the door

No one notices me leaving
No one can stop the screaming
Track Name: The Whip
Memory fused in pain
And following some unpredicted circumstances
Name all that remains
Now pull him from the dark
And put him back together
Fighting over rights
To the man in the coffin
Bound to live a life
Programmed by those he once fought

They're rolling up his sleeves
Meeting his knees
Dreaming to soon and picking at old wounds
They're weighing up his soul
Forfeit control
Under guise of defence, ethics suspended

The son understands the six in his hands
As it dances
Weren't you the one who made it shine
As the lost the line up in the streets
Beg and plead
Dead or alive you're coming with me

Wolves, blood on your fangs
Fuel the engine of demand
I am consumed
See smoke rise from my moving tomb
Choked from the haze
Truth breaks the bonds of the slaves
Out for his own
Avenging the theft of his home

So touched to be here at the end
Repulsion of an insipid trend
Pulling his head from the sand
And teaching the homeless to stand
The makers can turn on their heels
Through nascent creations of steel
But greed proved them desperately wrong
Create beyond command

They hide behind their lies
They hide behind their smiles
They're not superstitious
They don't play with chances
Track Name: Song for Dad
I left for the world
In search of an answer
To your silence
Quietly, mother is sleeping
She has prayed quite enough this day
Burning like our fire under the stars
Wild, young, alone
I take up fathers throne
Wander, boundless future all around me
Though you led me, I must find my own way home
Became a man just like you while still young
While only a child
I've dreamt of so much more
The time has come to open these doors

On the edge of the knife
The world feels so small
Power and silence change nothing at all
I tried to keep these memories clean
One more freezing night I sit and sing
Sing by the fire to your soul
I smile for a moment but I turn on the inside
I am surviving through you
Still a child still a boy I've questioned before
The easiest feelings are the hardest to ignore
I'd die to make these memories whole
Finally, eyes closed
I have seen my fate in my own hands

I wander distance trails
Hope to draw you near
But still you're silent
Once the fire smokes out
You're left with silence
Much easier to comprehend
And just ignore

There's no time to reveal what I owe to you
One brush with death and I'm not speaking
We two distant stars in the galaxy
And yet we burn so close

It seems to be that glory passes by
Calling me speaking in your voice
I learn to bleed less fragile with each try
Calling me speaking in your voice
A prophet thought is swift to guide me home
Speaking in your voice

In these vestal years
I ride the homeward trail in search of solace
I walk through patient doors
Undone from my trial
I run to where I thought you'd be
My hands clench tight
I breathe much faster than I have before
A stirring revelation
New thoughts that form within my eager mind
And I embrace them

I step from this dream back to the other side
So peaceful now with time on my hands
A fight that must last until the very end
Once the first step's taken

Finally, eyes closed I have seen my fate in my own hands
Track Name: Solomon's Son
Drawn from the creators seed
Reflecting the image beneath
Sent as a sentry to learn from their fears and desires

I search for the reasons within the light
I feel it struggle with fear when I call it friend
Gaze down at the waves captured by the sun
And cling to the missive from hidden ones
I wait for fulfilment of promises held
Give me a sign to escape from this home
This hell

Pleading with the stars for a sign
Whispers from heaven bring tears to my eyes
Winding down the road to the past
Pray for the ancient mourn each moment lost
Angels carved in stone by the hand
Solomon's Son follows them down to the sand
Ending like I knew that it would
Black stains the hands that hold Taman Shud

Rise the console is dead
I end my sentence to the sky
Leaving the grace of the founders behind
Fight for control over fear
I am able to find my own feet
Wading through the stifling thickness of the air

A face with a thousand names

Chasing traces that hide in anonymity
Descendents calling my name
Bedlam beneath me, memory guide and shelter me
Jester has stolen my name
All of my goodwill has died

All your stars are setting now
Take me with you lay me down

Won't you waves come wash away the burning
I saw you from my hiding place you moved me
Still a bitter goodnight kiss
The first, the only
I know I shall not see dawn... it's ending

Holy heaven knocked me clean off my feet
Devils in disguise come to pray on your weak
On your lonely
Now I wander clutching
To the promises left behind
Taped to the wall
We will see you again

All your stars are setting now
Take me with you lay me down
I was only being kind
Absent memories stole your child
Track Name: Just the Goods
Through my wake
Follow me home
Dangerous thoughts of mine

Sown the seed and reaping reality
Motions bread a fearful antagony
I wasted time on a savage life
A dark human cluster of revelry

Here we sail on seas of uncertainty
Storms in tail my founder pursuing me
Is it me? Is it memory?
Do I reflect this Grey?

In the firelight
A life of black and white
Something new I forge between us two
Still the anger stirs
Red hot but cold at first
Walls of mine crash down to grant me sight
No longer silent this violence I strain to contain

Superfluous and prone to rust
It isn't fair, your choice was mine
By silhouettes, I've lived my life
In a phantom black that you deny
Another's touch and hope to clutch
An arrested sin I will begin
Stare at the wall, forget it all
Begin to believe I may yet live

A world of eyes have seen my crimes
Only I know of all of yours

Please tend these wounds
And steel my mind
I've lost my way
And I'm losing track of time

It's sinking in
These were my sins
I'll tear apart my mind to make amends

Only my centre remains
Only my temperaments fade
Only my centre remains
Only a beast left to tame
Track Name: Masquerade
I've seen that face
Know those eyes
Different yet the same
Walk on... (He has no aim)
Full of age
Wrought with pain

He burns so bright
Walks so tall
Hollow of soul
Poor soul.. (He shows no care)
Now I know the boy is home

He walks this way
Through the dirt
Eyes shine dismay
Come in... (why wonder)
Lay you down
Take your stress away

And now he breathes much easier
Furrowed face kissed by dawn
He'd love to learn his own way down
No repose to call his own

He stirs distracted
Waiting on petty words
That he once heard
He lies for safety
Guarding his precious charms
With a wilful art

In milky light
His glass touched gaze
The scratches weep

For a time it slept
His hungry age
The scratches deep

Look, look at me
From behind your outlaw fantasy
Please just speak with me
lay your silver tongue to waste
Leave, go in arrogance
Blemished skin hides what might have been
Brace for a brand new day
Sigh and fit the mask so heavy
Track Name: Divine Intervention
I Proceed alone
Holding Horus in my right hand
Burnt Argus made of stone
Offer a disguised hand in friendship

It starts with titans discarding their bonds
Your shrewd rolling tongues will assure me no wrong
Is darkness coiled or is it killed by the light
Alone in lies I abjure
Beyond the pantheon I dare not turn round
A view in shadows
Concession with darkness in dreams I dare not forget

I alter the covenant
Your judgement is fuelling these doubts and fears
With faith in monstrosities
We usher the dawn of our bright ideas

On time to meet with the exodus
(Burning Emblem
Whispers Chaos
Transform vessel
Behold a God)

Tearing me at my seems
You know it's not enough
Order was all we had
Until his final bluff
Your familiar stare
Into the eyes of the serpentine
Strip good and bad away
Portrait in blood and bone
Masters of mine
Asserting their judgement failed
Through visions veiled

Worthy to be worshipped
And knowledge unknown if you'll join me
(Serve me)
Prophet you know, don't you
It is not as it seems and it frightens you
(Frightens you)

Skies clear above me
Surrounded by our burning blades
Track Name: Storm
I can see the thunder far in the distance
Though it's source illudes me still
When I see the lightning I'll calm my resistance
And I'll bend it to my will
Always when the rain sweeps swiftly to towards me
I will welcome its relief
Only when it passes do I remember
That it doesn't bring me peace
Track Name: In the Mire
Treading water
I hope to stay a while
The devil inside you smiles
Growing smaller
Already drained away
The longer I wait the more you corrode

Drift towards the waters edge
Let the currents take you
Barely living to be spared
Hear your voice stark taunts anew
And as fools go
You'll learn like all the rest
Has it met you?
Had it's way with you yet?

Peace be with you when you wake
You'll know perfects no victory
Grow to fit the changing day
The rest is left up to you

And I bet you never find what you are looking for
And I think we're better off this way
I hope you never see the world I wish to be
Though it might do you some good
I wish the world would burn down soon

Road to paradise
Paved with your life
Send this beast down the stream
Devil in my smile
Fighting to deny your tragic cause
Thoughts from yesterday
Play like masquerade
How we were worn so thin
Deafening these days
Getting in the way of searching souls

Wait for the voice to subside and leave me alone

It speaks to you of shadowed aims
Day must make night
Insists of you, you don't know why
Won't you look at both sides
All these questions
They lead back to one spot
It's within you
Whether you want it or not

And the wickedness is fading from his eyes
We all reside in darkness too
Through the headache I think I see a light
Thank the saviour with the wicked smile
With confidence I'm opening my eyes
And I'm using them for the very first time
Without a word I'm walking for the door
My only guides were the songs you've sung

Won't you tell me all the things you never said?
Won't you show me all the things I never saw?
Won't you let your blackened hatred wash away with the tide?
I am grateful for the life that I have lived
I am all that I've become because of you
I think only of the better days
Not what you put us through

I'll miss your touch though it left me paralysed
I bite my tongue words of loss till goodbye

I'm glad we never lost what we were fighting for
And you'll find it someday
One lie under the breath and I can keep you safe
The best we can do
I return to The Mire...